SGM Alliance

Our Mission

Educating and advocating for inclusive Sexual & Gender Minority (SGM) participation in clinical research, life sciences, and the evolution of healthcare.

Our Vision

A global healthcare landscape where the Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) community can navigate an equitable healthcare system with dignity.

Diversity Statement

Your identity cannot be captured in a single checkbox. It is multi-dimensional, going beyond sexuality, gender, race, or ethnicity. We embrace intersectionality for our members and look forward to knowing the authentic you.

*Intersectionality – The interconnected nature of various forms of discrimination, such as racism, sexism, and classism, and how they intersect and impact marginalized individuals or groups.

A relentless drive
to do better

We are driven by a deep sense of pride and a relentless commitment to positively impacting the world. Our perspective allows us to view equity and inclusion as achievable goals.

Open Minds, Open Hearts

Through education and advocacy, we inspire medical professionals and change-makers to embrace diversity and advance inclusivity in clinical research, healthcare, and the evolving life sciences landscape.


Providing knowledge and resources for SGM Healthcare needs.


Championing SOGI* data collection and eliminating exclusionary language.
*SOGI - Sexual Orientation Gender Identity

Community Outreach

Working together for meaningful change in healthcare.

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